BioMass Steam and Heat

Optimise Heat and Steam Ltd has started working with various manufacturing companies and renewable energy consultants, turning to biomass energy. In addition, many public sector organisations and educational establishments are under pressure to reduce carbon emissions in sourcing alternatives to fossil fuels.

If you are considering converting to biomass we can make the process easy for you by:

  • Advising what system would run most efficiently for your organisation, taking into account your budget and the environmental end result you want to achieve
  • Supplying labour and materials for alterations to your existing boiler house system
  • Supplying labour and materials to fabricate your pump stations and build a framework for your new pumps
  • Installing your new boiler and associated equipment as specified in your drawings
  • Supplying experienced coded welders and pipe fitters to undertake the welding construction of all joints, pipe fittings and fixings
  • Transporting pump sets and all necessary materials to and from your site
  • Assisting with testing and commissioning the new boiler
  • On-going servicing and maintenance

Throughout the UK, many industrial and commercial businesses are looking to biomass as an alternative, sustainable and more environmentally friendly fuel source for their future.

Conversion to biomass energy is a very viable investment, due to the Government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme.  As an alternative to fossil fuels, biomass systems will significantly lower energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions.

Please for our latest up-to-date case studies and how Optimise Heat & Steam can help your organisation.